NodeQuery is at its core a simple bash script for Linux servers that reports the health of the server to a web based front-end. It reports statistics such as average system load, ram usage, disk usage, running processes, network usage and more.

After a friend introduced me to it recently I noticed it lacked any widgets for displaying information about servers publicly, which is exactly why I decided to work on one.

As of the time of this post the widget is a work in progress, but the current features are:

  • Simple install: upload to your web server and install ImageMagick.
  • Display the widget with an img tag wherever you would like.
  • Each theme is a .php file that can decide how to render the image output.
  • Two built-in themes: ram_cpu_tall and ram_cpu_short.
  • Easy configuration: just open the conf.json file and adjust accordingly.

A short theme that displays RAM and CPU usage as well as whether the server is online.

A less compact taller and darker theme that displays more information about RAM usage.

You can find the nodequery-widget project on GitHub, please feel free to fork and contribute if you have any ideas you'd like to see implemented, or a new theme to share!