I got my feedback from the Pickford Bros for my University assignment, Waka – a Pacman RPG.

Choosing to ignore certain pieces of feedback (our suggestion to change the floaty movement), while accepting others, is a very good skill for a designer to have. In the commercial world any game designer is going to be bombarded by knumbskull suggestions all the way through development, often from the client who is funding the development. It’s easy to knuckle under and follow every suggestion that’s given, but usually that results in terrible games (the people giving the suggestions aren’t usually game designers).
On the other hand stubbornly refusing to change anything, and being really precious about your design, can be a handicap. So, selectively choosing the feedback that you think improves the game and implementing it, but sticking to your guns when you disagree with other feedback, shows maturity, and is the best way to behave in the commercial world. It’s always a balancing act, but sometimes other people have ideas that improve your game, other times they are rubbish ideas that will spoil the game, and other times you just have to keep the client happy one way or another.
I can’t say much more about the game than I did last time. I think it’s great, and there was clear progress and improvement from the last version. It satisfies the brief perfectly, and is fun to play. My only criticism is that the combat mini-game could maybe do with a bit more variety, and was a little easy, although I did fail on Boxxy a couple of times – the exp penalty for failing battles was perfect!
Great work, and we look forward to seeing your games in the future.