The Future

Hey, it’s been a while. I owe you a beer or something, huh?

So last week I started working on a new game; and you’re probably thinking, “oh, aren’t you already developing a game?” and well, you’d be right but also you would now be wrong because I’ve abandoned all other projects in favor of this one.


I know, it’s a bitter pill to swallow but the truth is that the existing projects I have been working on have simply become boring. Someone once told me to make the game that I would want to play, and I’ve finally decided to do it. I’ve spent 8 years of my life developing mods and building a successful Garry’s Mod roleplaying framework and another 4 years maintaining it, and there’s been a few games here and there I’ve attempted to make standalone that just haven’t been fun.

This time, with Timefuser, I’m approaching it with a fresh view: make the game I want to play, release it on Steam, and if people like it, that’s a bonus!

Ugh, okay, what is Timefuser?

Well, it’s a kind of top-down style survival PvP game with a control scheme similar to that of a twin-stick shooter.  In only a week of development I have already built a large chunk of the underlying framework, but I hope that over the coming year the progress will speak for itself.

So far it has:

  • Persistent online multiplayer with up to 64 players per server
  • Your character stays in-game even when you log off, so keep safe!
  • You can move around, equip weapons, drag items between containers, and perform general inventory management.
  • You can fire ammo at targets and damage them, whether that is another player or something else.
  • You can find loot in chests scattered across the (very plain) world.
  • There are hostile NPC AI that will attempt to attack you if you get too close to them.
  • You can craft items and gather resources from trees and ore such as Stone Ore and Silver Ore.

Check out the Timefuser forums and join the forums and request access to the super early pre-alpha build and become an OG, or just hang out there and suggest things.

What about HL2RP?

I honestly don’t care. I will continue to serve licenses through the store and I will continue to fix it when a Garry’s Mod update breaks it, but beyond that, it is pretty much there to be modded now. I recently released a system allowing anybody to create their own schema with Clockwork and if they own HL2RP they can use it as a base to mod away at it to their heart’s content.

I’m going to handle this by phasing out CloudAuthX over a period of time, and I’ll outline the details below:


In 2019 the CloudAuthX servers will be completed disabled, and instead will return a valid license whatever the case. This means that essentially Clockwork will run without DRM.


In 2020 all Cloud Sixteen Clockwork schemas will become free products completely open-sourced and without DRM.

The Future

I hope that you guys can join me on my quest to create an amazing game, and for those of you who would rather stay playing Garry’s Mod, that’s fine too 🙂